Cycling Solo Across Africa

No Hanging Around

No Hanging Around follows an ordinary person on an extraordinary journey, a solo bicycle ride across Africa.

To cycle from Cape Town to Cairo, through Africa or ANYWHERE around the world was completely a dream and you must believe I never imagined it would be anything more. I suffered with fear and anxiety most of my life but figured there comes a time when you need to ask yourself “If I could do anything, what would it be……” and regardless of how it makes you feel, just go for it.

“My story was a little unlikely. I lost both parents some years ago which I never really got over. It led to (but was not the cause of) a series of bad choices, I lost my way, lost the girl and many friends before realizing I needed to do something about it…

Now cycling through Africa, somehow everything is bizarrely falling back into place and the anxieties that once tormented my daily life have all but disappeared. What began as a bicycle tour has quickly evolved into a journey with much deeper meaning…”

No Hanging Around encourages you to be adventurous, overcome anxiety, challenge yourself – to find out what you really want to do in life and make it happen. 

The BLOG is the focal point of the site with the latest on the cycle tour of Africa but more stories and photographs can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus – I love connecting with people especially other cycle tour around the world so do click on these links to add me to your circles.

Most importantly, thank you for your support 

Derek Cullen

An Irish Adventurer