Cycling Solo Across Africa is an Adventure blog and very human tale of an Irish Adventurer journeying by bicycle into “Darkest Africa”

Fed up eking his way through life and the acute anxieties that accompanied it, Derek Cullen decided riding a bicycle through Africa, was a much better idea than living out his conventional Irish existence.

Straight to the point,  No Hanging Around follows an ordinary person on  an old fashioned solo adventure and describes the realities that come with leaving the safety of conventional living in search of a life less ordinary.

“ I figure there comes a time when you need to ask yourself, what do I really want to do? The loss of both parents to cancer some years ago gave my life the sense of urgency to ponder this thought and it came at a good time - a series of bad choices in recent years had seen me lose my way, lose the girl and many friends …..I needed to change.” 

The BLOG is the story of what has happened since leaving home in October, 2013 but the latest of the cycle tour of Africa are usually posted to the the Facebook page.

Donations toward this Adventure go to Ireland’s only Child cancer charity, Aoibheanns Pink Tie.


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